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After years of a successful career as an educator and therapist, I noticed I was often feeling stressed out and disconnected.  That moment, that realization, is what began my journey with meditation and yoga. As I was working to complete my training as a Chopra Certified Instructor, I was learning how to blend ancient wisdom with modern science. 

 I began to integrate those teachings back into my own life as a busy wife and mother. And the success I was finding for myself, spilled out to those around me.  I felt so energized and happy, that I simply had to share it.  When I finally followed my heart to build a career that looked at health and well-being differently, I found even deeper joy and peace. Years later, I educate others on the science and wisdom of living a physically, mentally, and spiritually fit life.


It is with deepest gratitude that I offer these simple practices to help others consciously cultivate the life of their dreams.   When we meditate, we’re able to listen to our souls.  When we listen to our souls, they guide us to our true selves.  What is most important is that we continue to learn, grow, and evolve. 


The experiences, both my own and those of my clients, have been extraordinary and inspirational.  I feel humbled and honored to be on this great journey.  No judgement, no excuses.  We are powerful creators of our present and future, and the most exciting part is I know we've just begun.  Love, light, and blessings.

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